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So, My friends are going gaga over 50 Shades of Gray. I went ahead and read it. I found out, its not great but its not exactly boring either. Well, its not a new genre for me. I guess if you have beeen reading a lot of fanfictions you get exposed to all types of stories to read; hence, 50 Shades of Gray becomes just another interesting read (but nothing to go gaga over). That's just me.

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Glam Nation Tour : Adam Lambert Live in Manila! 10.10.2010

Just got back from Adam Lambert's concert; Glam Nation Tour : Adam Lambert Live in Manila! at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Gott, it was awesome and wicked! He really has a powerful voice and it was incredible hearing it live.  And his band - they are awesome as well!

So, my 10.10.2010 started very normal.

07:00 AM - Went to sleep, after an all-nighter of watching Criminal Minds DVD.
02:00 PM - Woke up (that's my life. I'm a night-owl). Spent some time online reading fanfics and whatnot.
05:30 PM - Got ready for the concert (wee~)
06:45 PM - Finally, my siblings (who were tagging along ;D) and I were ready to leave. BUT the phone line techs came in at the last minute; spent ANOTHER 15 minutes going over the problem and having the handset replaced.
07:05 PM - FINALLY, we're on our way to the concert.
07:50 PM - We arrived at the venue.
08:10 PM - The concert officially started with the Front Act. (see the set-list below)
10:30 PM - The concert ended. (I was buzzing with happiness, excitement, and total Lambert fever)
10:45 PM - Had dinner at a local diner with my bro and sis.
11:20 PM - On our way home. No heavy traffic, thank goodness.
11:45 PM - Finally home (still buzzing)
12:00 AM - Plugged the laptop and loitered around the internet.
03:58 AM (11.10.2010) - Still loitering around the internet :) (though I need to wake up at 10:00 AM 'coz meeting an acquaintance later; salon appointment and need to find a gift for my father's birthday on Friday)
04:10 AM (now) - still on the laptop with Criminal Minds Season 5 playing on the DVD player. (-_-)>

So, that's how it went.

Anyway, here's the set-list from the wicked Glam Nation tour in Manila held last night (10.10.10):

Front-act: Paraluman (sang 4 songs) started around 8:10 PM
Adam Lambert:
    * Voodoo (started by 9:10pm)
    * For Your Entertainment
    * Down The Rabbit Hole
    * Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)
    * Fever
    * Sleepwalker
    * Whataya Want From Me (Acoustic)
    * Soaked
    * Broken Open (Acoustic)
    * Aftermath (Acoustic)
    * Sure Fire Winners
    * Strut
    * Music Again
    * If I Had You (Adam introduced his band and dancers)
    * Last song: Mad World (Tears for Fears cover. Concert ended by 10:30pm)

Estimated crowd in attendance: 16,500 to 17,700+

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Just got to watch Inception this afternoon. Gott, I was so waiting for that in theaters but I only just saw it today. Never got the time last week during its release. Man, it was awesome. A very intriguing and interesting portrayal of how the mind works. It was very interesting. DiCaprio and the rest of the cast were really good. They were able to bring out the right emotions, personalities, and individuality of each character.  The concept of Inception is hard to understand if you will not diligently follow the plot line; but due to their superb characterization skills, it was easiy to comprehend and follow the concept.  Simply awesome.

However, the concept is somewhat related to how JK Rowling described the art of Occlumency in her Harry Potter books.  I'm not saying they are the same, but the idea is still there. Occlumency, is the art of protecting the mind from outside forces; a type of mind arts. The concept of Inception is also like an art, or maybe a natural talent or skill, to construct imagery, more often realistic with unlimited possibilities or to defend your subconscious or mind from outside forces or extractors during REM sleep. Although they are somewhat related, as far as I'm concerned, because both are a type of mind control or something relating to brain activity, both are still vastly different from each other.

If I were to rate this movie, I'll give it a ten out of ten. Simply unique.